…….”it takes a village”…..

It takes a village to keep seniors safe and secure – in their own homes in their own communities for as long as possible. Our seniors are saying this is what they want

to live well in their own homes until end of life.


Following last year’s successful campaign in Pingelly to give ageism the boot, we have been awarded $377,750 grant over 3 years from the Australian Government’s Senior’s Connected Program to start ‘’The Village’’ across Wandering, Wickepin, Cuballing, and Pingelly.

The Village will support older people to live at home in their community and not need to leave as they get older. The Village has no walls, fences or special buildings but is connected by participating members supporting one another, a concierge service and technology.

“The main objective is to make sure older people do not feel lonely, isolated or worried about how to cope as they age, no matter where they choose to live” said David Freebairn, Chairman of the Pingelly Somerset Alliance Inc.

To view the full media release click here –> PSA Pingelly final Media Release for Virtual Village 16


The village represents individuals, families, extended family of all ages, friends, neighbours, professional services, local businesses, agencies and more. “The Village” is a connection of people of all ages in the communities of Wandering, Wickepin, Cuballing and Pingelly supported by a concierge team and friendly technology to enrich the lives of older people, prevent loneliness, isolation and reduce worry about how to cope as people age.

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